Poker Pups by Eduard S. & Buffalo Games

I can be an extremely indecisive person when it comes to trivial matters. For example, round food storage containers or square? White cheddar or orange cheddar mac n’ cheese? I can be paralyzed by indecision in the grocery store aisle. But when I saw this hilarious image of dogs playing poker I scooped the puzzle box from the shelf, put it in my buggy, and tra-la-la pranced to check-out. I made that decision in a split second. I can’t even explain my speedy decisiveness. Maybe it had to do with the image making me smile, causing me to have a moment of giddy happiness that I knew would begin again and last the entire time I was putting the puzzle together.

Putting the puzzle together was a bit more challenging than I expected (but I still had such a fun and rewarding puzzling experience). One especially tricky bit were the wooden chairs. The two chairs in the foreground are positioned at different angles so their spindles look a bit narrower or wider apart when compared to each other so that helped a bit when determining which puzzles pieces went with which chair. Also, the dogs have different colored fur that peeks through the chair spindles so that helped too. The other tricky bit was the green felt tabletop with all the poker chips. I had to match up bits of poker chips.

The image quality is superb!! Crisp and clear. Full of texture.

Now let’s talk about the elephant in the room, shall we? Metaphorically speaking, of course!

Buffalo Games is no longer exclusively manufacturing their puzzles in the USA. Some puzzles are being manufactured in China. (Buffalo Games addresses this manufacturing change in the FAQ section of their website.) My Poker Pups puzzle was made in China. I was nervous about opening the box because all my Made in the USA puzzles by Buffalo have always been excellent quality. I was worried that the quality of the Made in China puzzle would not be as good. Well my worries completely disappeared after spilling out the pieces. The Poker Pup puzzle pieces were very firm and sturdy, there were no bent or damaged pieces, no image lift, and there was hardly any puzzle dust. All the good things you would expect from a Buffalo brand puzzle made in the USA — the quality of my Made in China puzzle was excellent.

Poker Pups is without a doubt the most hilarious puzzle I have put together.

What is the funniest puzzle you have assembled? Let us know in the comment section below.


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