Dampy Donuts on a Dreary Day by Charles Wysocki & Buffalo Games

Dampy Donuts on a Dreary Day is a puzzle that almost landed on my 😥The Ones Who Got Away post. The 1000 piece count has been unavailable everywhere for quite some time so I was overjoyed to belatedly discover that Buffalo Games released this lovely puzzle in a 300 piece count. Happy dance and the puzzle went right into the buggy! 🛒

Honestly, I can’t even explain why I love this puzzle image so much. But I do. 😍 I’m definitely not an expert on Charles Wysocki’s art but there’s just something so je ne sais quois special (at least to me) and different about Dampy Donuts on a Dreary Day when compared to his other quaint small town scenes.

First off, I love the overcast gray skies; bare, spindly, branched trees; and puddles on the street. Those “dreary” elements usually aren’t found in his other works and they contrast nicely with the warm glow from the store’s window and the rainbow over the church. I like that this work features just one shop rather than a cluster of buildings, shops, and homes. Likewise, I like that there’s just a few people (and one scrappy dog) on the rain washed street. Somehow the scene just seems more intimate and cozy.

Once the puzzle was assembled, I looked at it for a long while. I kept discovering lovely little details to admire and appreciate.

Like the mud-spattered car and wheels…

The puddle reflecting two of the ladies’ coats…

The charming sign looks a bit weathered…

Even the shop properietor’s name is a play on the theme of the puzzle…

I thought this puzzle might be too easy at 300 pieces but it was the perfect delightful challenge. In a higher piece count, the muddy street, puddles, roof, sky, and branches might just be too tedious and tricky to put together. All in all, a perfect puzzling experience 💗🧩

Have you fallen in love with any puzzle images lately? Let us know in the comments below.


2 thoughts on “Dampy Donuts on a Dreary Day by Charles Wysocki & Buffalo Games

  1. I agree that some of the sections would be challenging in a 1000 piece version. I like this image though. I have only done one Wysocki so far and I enjoyed it.

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