Woodland Picnic by Jenny Miriam & Mudpuppy

Squee!!! Woodland Picnic is the epitome of my most favorite puzzle theme: cute animals hanging out and having fun. Even though artist Jenny Miriam has no idea who I am, I feel like she made this puzzle just for me. 😊🧩💗

Woodland Picnic was such a lovely (truly lovely!) puzzling experience. The image is bright and colorful, it’s full of adorable animals wearing such fetching outfits, and there’s a yummy vegetarian feast spread out on the picnic blanket for all to enjoy.

I smiled so much just sorting pieces because the pieces have the cutest bits of images on them! OMG for the buck teeth!!

Brace yourself! Painfully cute cuteness ahead!

Typical great quality puzzle by Mudpuppy. The puzzle pieces were firm, sturdy, and fully separated. There were no bent knobs or squashed corners. There is a nice variety of piece shapes. The image reproduction is excellent. Small clusters of joined pieces could be lifted and moved with little or no breakage. Minimal puzzle dust.

It’s only March 6, but I’m calling it, Woodland Picnic is my Puzzle of the Year for 2023! 💗🧩😊

Woodland Picnic, 500 pieces, finished size 20″ x 20″

Woodland Picnic was released in January 2023 and I scooped it up (along with two other puzzles!) during a great sale Mudpuppy had for National Puzzle Month.

Do you have a favorite critter from the picnic scene? Let us know in the comments below. It is so hard for me to choose as every critter is so stinkin’ cute but I think I’d have to go with the mouse (with the buck teeth!) wearing that darling dress and looking so pleased with the cracker she’s fished out from the box. The badger in the argyle (!!) sweater is definitely is a close second!

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